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Accessibility webinars – Deliver a number of webinars around accessibility including:

  • SERO webinar Digital Inclusion:
  • GTAE- Accessibility awareness and checking:
  • AHED- Making resources accessible;

Enhance Digital Teaching Platform, EdTech webinars;  ( to support remote working including:

  • Supporting and engaging learners through a VLE, 
  • Making webinars more inclusive, 
  • Supporting learners with low literacy skills remotely, 
  • Meeting the online accessibility needs of all our learners, 
  • Digital accessibility

Enhance Digital Teaching Platform : EdTech Moderation Panel Member, Reviewer (including for Accessibility badges), Mentor to Reflective Exploration Project practitioners.

ETF’s SEND website Management of website.

Review for accessibility: Review Manchester Adult Services website and documents for accessibility. Update Word documents, PDFs and PowerPoints. Review 8 ETF FutureLearn Courses for accessibility and report.


Ideas4learning has been involved in a number of Maths initiatives. Barbara is a professional development lead for Maths in the South East and London. She has been delivering some of the Maths Pipeline programmes since the start of the initiative and also delivered the successful  Maths Enhancement Programme. As part of that initiative, Barbara wrote ‘Unlocking Maths‘ a guide for teachers in the secure environment.

Webinars: Update and deliver two webinars: ‘Challenging Topic – Algebra’; Vocational Maths.

Webinars – Write and deliver three Maths based webinars: ‘Effectively contextualizing Maths’; ‘Effectively contextualizing Maths’; ‘Literacy for Maths – overcoming maths issues’.

Workshops: Improving the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics in Vocational Education – deliver specialist maths input at five workshops. 

Research- How maths and English is embedded in voactional programmes.  Plan, source and undertake telephone interviews/focus groups ‘How maths and English is currently embedded in vocational/technical programmes’ and what support required. Write report and case studies.

Ten online interactive learning – Write the maths and engineering content for ten online interactive learning modules using Articulate Storyline for engineering apprentices (AELP/UFI).

ICT Skills for Life – Developed interactive maths resources (ICT Skills for Life), written maths content for Moodle and ‘Bridging GCSE to A level maths’ an interactive course.

Other projects

Senior management support – T Levels: Professional Development Advisor for T Levels in the South West region – Developing a trusted relationship with the provider at a senior level, to gain an accurate and in-depth understanding of their workforce capacity and capability.

Mentoring your apprentice’s course – Writing and delivering a one day course to enable those attending to develop the skills and confidence to mentor an apprentice (ETF).

Teaching and Lerning Coach programme – Update and deliver a contextualised Teaching and Learning Coach programme for the offender learning sector. Write sections of the Advanced TLC programme and support providers in the London/SE in its delivering and accreditation.

Effective practice Research Project: Learning Champion identifying and reporting on effective practice in TLA in the Coast to Capital LEP region. Source and write case studies and contribute to final report.

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