Our Work

Please see below just a few examples of some recent projects

Using digital technology in teaching and Learning

ESOL literacy and Grammar - Development of two learning modules using Articulate Storyline for a) teachers teaching Basic Literacy to ESOL learners and b) English teachers to support ESOL learners in their GCSE/Functional skills classes with grammar (in progress).

Video Learning for Engineering Apprentices - GTA England's Engineering Apprentices' Mate app, a point, and play augmented reality learning experience. Project Lead and creation of online CPD materials and protocols for engineering instructors to produce app contents.  (Ufi professional video about the resource) https://youtu.be/oZFUai0uJ4Q .

Applying your digital skills in teaching and learning (ETF/Careers College) - Create seven online modules using Xerte and Storyline articulate. Writing the content and developing the learning object, covering the topics of Social media; Virtual meeting technology; Video learning; Assessment for learning; Digital skills for the workplace; Differentiation; Introduction to digital content, creation, and design.

Maths and English learning objects - Write content and development of fifteen learning objects (10 maths 5 English) for engineering apprentices using Storyline Articulate (AELP/UFI).

Digital enhancement programme (ETF/Creative Education) - Project manage and develop the eight Digital Skills Booster courses, part of the ETF Digital skills enhancement programme.

Mentoring support for OTLA - Providing mentoring support for four projects undertaking OTLA collaborative digital projects (ETF/Creative education).


Ideas4learning have been involved in a number of Maths initiatives. Barbara is a professional development lead for Maths in the South East and London.  She has been delivering some of the Maths Pipeline programmes for the last two years and also delivered the successful  Maths Enhancement Programme. As part of that initiative, Barbara wrote 'Unlocking Maths' a guide for teachers in the secure environment.

In addition, Barbara and Sally have developed interactive maths resources (ICT Skills for Life), written maths content for Moodle (Learning Maths online - NIACE) and 'Bridging GCSE to A level maths' an interactive course.

Most recently Barbara has written the content and developed ten online interactive learning modules using Articulate Storyline for engineering apprentices.

Website support

VLE training and support - Ideas4Learning have provided VLE training and support to a number of providers including Manchester Adult Education Service, PETA Limited, Peter Symonds College, Portsmouth City Council and Babcock International Group's Royal Navy Apprenticeship Centre. We currently support Peter Symonds College (AHEd) and Manchester Adult Education Service with their Moodle.

Our experience includes Moodle, MoodleRooms, Blackboard and Canvas. The type of support given varies from strategic advice, training (face-to-face, blended and online) and administration support setting up course areas and enrolling learners.

Website management - Management of both the SEND (https://send.excellencegateway.org.uk/) and Offender Learning (https://offender-learning.excellencegateway.org.uk/) Exhibition websites, including a redesign of both sites.