About us

Barbara Nance Barbara Nance

BA Maths, PGCE

Since 1999, Barbara has worked extensively as a freelance consultant undertaking projects which include: project management, research, teacher training, writing (web-content, resources and online courses) and delivering online courses.

Barbara has an engineering background and was a maths teacher. Whilst working at NIACE, she project managed the national E-Guides programme, for which she also wrote content and delivered training.

Since 2014 she has been the regional trainer for the ETF pipeline maths programme in the SE and London.

Sally Betts Sally Betts

BSc Hons Computer Science, Cert. Ed.

Sally is a Digital Learning, Functional Skills and STEM specialist. She was a Software Engineer before entering the world of education which is why on becoming a teacher, she could see the potential of technologies to enhance learning.

As a teacher, manager and trainer Sally has actively promoted the benefits technology brings to ensuring equality of opportunity; small changes for some usually bring benefits for all.

Sally has been working with Engineering Instructors to introduce the concept of video learning hotspots to engineering workshops through the use of Augmented Reality.